About us

Help people with autism, their families and supporters to tackle this problem head-on.

We are a 501 – 3 C Non Profit Organization Founded by group of professionals and parent volunteers dedicated to help families financially to gain access to research proven autism services.


Raise Funds

Our primary goal is to provide individuals with autism of all ages the best possible opportunities by having equal access to much needed services. We will accomplish this by eliminating financial roadblocks for struggling families. The team collaborates with local agencies by hosting fund raising events, donating time as well as recourses and organizing volunteer staff engaged in various fundraisers.

Financial Assistance

The Autism Service Resource Fund provides grants of varying amounts, up to 6 months to pay for treatment co-pays of a person with autism spectrum disorder of any age. Additional grants may be awarded for pre-approved needs such as much needed electronics or other equipment. Funds availability varies dependent on donations.

Autism Resources

Our goal is to assist families with finding resources to enable each person with autism to access their local community. By facilitating frequent community integration, we hope to create safe spaces for our families and build community compassion towards the parents and families of these special individuals.


We are committed ensure access to services for individuals with autism. Our 501 3c is 100% run by volunteers and 100% of all donations will go to financially assist families in accessing much needed autism services. We help individual with autism spectrum disorders. Who attend Advanced Neuro Connections (LV, NV), 702 Point Place (LV, NV) and 719 Point Place (Colorado Springs, CO). We will open financial assistance to other areas and companies when funding donations allow it.

Get Started

We are committed to better understanding the aspirations of people with autism spectrum disorder and helping them to fulfill their potential to lead positive, productive and rewarding lives, through:

Understanding the nature of ASD and facilitating the development and delivery of treatment therapies, educational programs, training programs, and recreational programs.

We celebrate, honor, and seek to understand the differences in our identities and life experiences.

Help Children receive consistent therapies

Help adults secure safe and dignified living arrangements

Help supply essential learning and social connectivity equipment

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Help people with disabilities, and their families and supporters to tackle this problem head-on.